ENG1003: Engineering Mobile Applications ENG1003

This server contains a JavaScript playground and some sample mobile Web apps. You will also use this server to host your apps created in practical classes and assignments.

Student Teams and Devices

Students can check their team and device allocation information from Week 2 onwards by logging in.

Lost and Found Phones

If you've reached this site as you have found a FIT labelled phone:
Please return lost / found phones to:

ENG1003 c/o FIT Front Desk / Reception
Faculty of Information Technology
Monash University, Clayton Campus

25 Exhibition Walk
Clayton VIC 3800

Javascript Playground

The JavaScript playground is a Web page where you can quickly test out simple snippets of JavaScript code and see the results.

Code snippets shown in Workshops but not included in the pre-Workshop reading material as listed on this snippets page.

Assignment Testing

We provide a web page that can be used to quickly upload your assignment apps to the ENG1003 server:

Example mobile Web apps

Here are some example mobile Web apps. They are best run on a smartphone.